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Established in 1992, Angel Beauty Incorporated, a corporation registered and operated under the charter of California, USA, has being driving the front of healthier life style and quality of life style products. You may already know us by the name Salus BioCosmetic Laboratory. We operate the well-known SBL within the tree-lined rolling hills of the Los Angeles basin, the capital of healthy life style innovations where many breakthrough health products originate or discovered. It's within this positive-charged atmosphere and our professional commitment to scientific treatment of all-nature ingredient, we lead several
innovative ingredient and process applications from the very beginning of our indenture. Moving forward with advance technical apparatus and commit team of health professionals, we have become the prime source of skin care and healthy life style products as well as worldwide knowledge base for diverse geological climax. Our proud accomplishment, including the Purist AHA series (1993), L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C Easter Acid (1996), and Placenta-650 (1997), further rouse the trend of the worldwide healthy cosmetic by bringing the laboratory innovation to you.
Angel Beauty also pioneered the Complete Health Diagnostic Process, or the CHDP, when used with our state of art digital diagnostic equipments, offers health professionals like yourself and your valued clinical-tails a scientific, fully documented health analysis. In the competent hands of our professionals, the CHDP system not only accurately access one's current state of health; the process also allow us the insight back into a body's historical problem areas, as well as potential health risks. The benefit of the CHDP, thus serve as a Sequential Reference Points (the SRP) of body's reaction to various health product or treatments, which allowed our monitoring consultant to suggest the most effective adjustments to treatments and/or daily supplements. All of our 20 well-balanced oral health supplements and high performance beauty products series are designed to help you achieve the goal of having a healthy and radian body and skins without breaking your routine.
After more than 10 years of remarkable professional services experience in Chinese cosmetic and health product arena, we are very excited to announce the introduction of Angel Beauty Franchise Network (the ABFN) - China Area. The enrollment process of ABFN is currently on the way. The mission of the ABFN is based on the concept of zero risk, no pressure, high volume, high profit and then back it up with ABI's cornerstone professional post-sale services for our Network members. We invite you to learn all about ABFN personally from one of our advisors. Our China area advisors can be reached at 020-86340468. We at ABFN sincerely look forward to work hand in hand to service and expend the China market with you.

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